Andrea O. California

School Lunches

School lunches need to improve.

Dear Future President,

     I am writing to you about school lunch because school lunches don’t look very good or have much flavor. In school, kids need to have energy if not they might get sleepy and sleep in class some kids actually get in trouble for sleeping in class and get a call home. 

School kids tend to not eat much since the food is not very good, me and my friends don’t eat often at the cafeteria sometimes we get sleepy and our heads start to hurt. We need energy and nutrients, maybe for after school sports or to focus on homework for all 6 classes. Kids need good food that they will like and are good for them. 

Once I didn't get much sleep, my head started to hurt when I went to nurse the first thing they told me was did you eat breakfast, of course I said “no” she gave me her yogurt and granola that actually taste good she called home and told my dad.  Later, my dad picked me up from school and we went to McDonald to eat a happy meal and I got an Oreo mcflurry.

Please try to improve the school lunches.