Lauren Michigan

An Equal Education

All schools need to provide an equal education to all students.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you because I think that the state of our education system needs to be addressed. In the article, “Buena Vista School District, Inkster School District Closings Strand Michigan Students, Teachers” Beatrice Avery mentions that she has a special needs child and is having a difficult time finding a high rated school that will accept her child (Resmovits). In other words, there are not enough schools that are willing to effectively educate a child with special needs. Is it fair that a child with special needs cannot receive a quality education? No, all children deserve to go to school. Mr. or Mrs. President you need to fix the education system so students with special needs get the education they deserve in order to become contributing members to society.

I believe that children deserve an equal education regardless of their race, gender, or the district they live in. Children should want to go to school, but some do not because of the conditions the schools are in. For example, Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit smells like mildew, has missing ceiling tiles as well as stains from watermarks (Valerie). The children are not able to get any exercise due to black mold in the gym and hot steam coming up from the ground (Valerie). Children get exercise by walking and running in the hallway instead of exercising in a gym (Valerie). How can students’ learn in that environment? It is simple, they cannot learn in and something needs to be done. Is it fair that some students go to a school where there is not any black mold and are able to receive a well rounded education? No, children cannot control where their parent’s jobs are or what their family’s income is.. Mr. or Mrs. President, you need to make sure that students all over the nation get a quality education. You also need to repair the unsafe learning environments and guarantee that all students have access to an equal education.



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