Carter D. Michigan

my name is Donald Trump

Every One should learn Sex Ed

L2P Letter - CARTER Jones

Dear future president of the united states:

Do, you agree that every kid should learn sex ed. Well let alone 62 percent of teens get pregnant do to the lack of sex ed. Did you know that Mr/Mrs President. This is why I think we we as in all Americans can make a difference.

First, we need to make sure there is no under age sex. Also if there is any there should be punished, by providing and caring for an infant for five weeks. So they learn there lesson. After that if they get pregnant the child has to suffer. Because they have to go to an orphanage. Then they grow up not knowing their parents. Everybody's entitled to their own opinion, but I think this is wrong we need to put a stop to this.

Secondly, it's good for everybody to learn. So they know what they are doing. Because maybe they don't know that it makes girls pregnant. So they end up having kid they donโ€™t know what to do with. Also so that they use protection know and know how it works. They can also learn about different diseases and know what to look for.

Also, another debate is should sex ed even be taught at all. Imagine if your son/daughter got pregnant or got there girl friend pregnant. What would u do? Because most religions say they have to be married before they have kids and it's, not right to have sex before you marry. Just imagine how much shame they have just because they didn't learn sex ed and they acted stupid. So do you want kids to be the black sheep of the family.

So, Mr/Mrs president do are you with me or against me. I will know when there is a change being made to all the schools across america. this message was approved by Carter Jones a student of Farwell middle school.

Carter Jones

                                                             By; Carter D Jones 3rd 10-12-16