Anna M. Missouri

Gun Control

Letter on Gun Control

Dear President,

Congrats on winning the election! As the President Iā€™m sure you have a lot of important things on your mind but we shouldn't forget to protect the rights that were given to us way back in 1791 in The Bill of Rights, the right to bear arms.

Gun control is an important issue in our society today. Many people think that gun control will make us safer but in reality owning a gun can help keep you safe. If someone were to break into your home having a gun could help you protect yourself from them.

Putting so many restrictions on obtaining a gun isn't going to stop people from getting them. Shooters obviously don't follow the laws anyways and if they want a gun they're going to get one. They can easily find a way to illegally obtain a gun. Gun control isn't going to stop violence, it's going to slow down the people who want to legally obtain a gun.

In conclusion gun control infringes on our rights given to us by the second amendment and it isn't going to stop the violence.


Anna Millsap