Jeremiah K. Minnesota

Gun Control

Guns in America, Jeremiah K

Future president, 

Pennsylvania ave, 

Washington DC 20500

Dear future president,

Guns have been around ever since the beginning of America. the founding fathers created the 2nd amendment so people could protect themselves, their family's, and their possessions. Each year, I go hunting with my dad and brother, and after shooting guns several times, I realize how dangerous they can be. However I also realize how to use them and that in the right hands, they are fun to use and a means of protection. Guns should not be taken away because that would be denying people the right to defend themselves, it would take guns away from experienced shooters, but criminals would still obtain guns which wouldn't prevent murder at all and It wouldn't stop suicide

America has the highest privately owned guns in the world, which may be the reason some people blame murder and mass shootings on guns, when in fact, it's the criminals. If people who legally got a gun had laws against carrying concealed weapons, they couldn't defend themselves and many others in these mass shootings. Police can't always get to a shooting fast enough, especially to prevent it from even happening. A study on November 26, 2013 showed that states with higher regulations on carrying concealed weapons had higher gun related murders. When you take away legal guns, it's taking guns out of the hands of trained shooters, and only in the hands of criminals.
Many people argue that guns are to blame for high suicide rates in America. My initial response to this was that if someone wanted to take their own life, not having a gun wouldn't stop them. I watched a video by Vox pointing out that people who survive suicide say that they regretted it, but with a gun, its very tough to survive. This point is invalid to me because instead of relying on people failing to commit suicide, we should reach out and do more to prevent it. Banning guns isn't the solution to this problem.
People in America have the right to defend themselves and the right to bear arms. Taking away guns is denying this right. According to the 2006 FBI, robbers are reported at a rate of one per minute, so obviously, it's serious issue in America. If a criminal broke into your how house, how would you protect yourself and your family. Police can get to a crime scene but again, they can't right away. Over 50% of people said they felt safer with a gun in the house. This is because they will be able to defend themselves with a gun if they had to in a robbery. Banning guns would make criminals so much more powerful.

Mr/Mrs president, banning guns would be taking people's rights away from them. With so many robberys, mass shootings and other gun related crimes, the criminals are to blame, not guns. Banning guns would result in the people getting weaker and criminals gaining much more power. Don't take away our 2nd amendment.

Sincerely, Jeremiah