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My letter involves firearms for teacher in school. I believe this should be talked about to protect students.

Dear future president,

The issue I am expressing to you is that for protection purposes, teachers should be able to be in possession of a firearm to protect their students. Sometimes the school resource officers can’t be at the schools at all times. If the officers can’t be there, then our students have no form of protection. Without protection, our students’ lives are in danger.

The reason we should have armed teachers in school is to protect children. With teachers being armed, then in case of a school emergency where there is an intruder that is armed, students are still protected. Most people do not agree with this, however, if our students do not have protection other than by school officers who can not always be at the school, then there is potential for disaster.

There should be restrictions to this firearm use. Teachers should always have to have the firearm locked up. Also, it should be made so that no student knows where it is. If the firearm is secure and in a position where another student can’t get to it, then I think it is okay to have teachers armed.

Before teachers are allowed to have a firearm the should have to go through security background checks and also checks to make sure that they have no disabilities and should be allowed to handle a firearm. If a teacher passes the background checks then they should have to go through special training to become familiar in a real life situation. Also they will need training to become comfortable with their weapon. If a teacher is not comfortable with the weapon, they should not be able to have one at school until they are comfortable with it to avoid any accidents that may occur from not being comfortable with the weapon.

There are also reasons why teachers should not be able to have guns at school. One reason is because the is potential for something bad to happen if that weapon gets into the wrong hands. If that weapon gets into the wrong hands those results could be catastrophic. That is why the weapons need to be locked up out of sight and so no students know where that weapon is.

I would like to see teachers armed in schools but with the requirements listed. If we can get teachers to be able to protect our students, then I feel there would be a lot fewer school shootings around the world. With school shootings reduced, then our students are safer, and that is what we need to work toward.

Tanner Rice.