Solon W. Mississippi

Legalize Marijuana Nationwide

Marijuana should be legalized nationwide

Dear Future President, 

            The battle against legalizing marijuana has become more of a national problem. Citizens of America are leaving their home states to go to others where marijuana is legal. These people have to now take a class and obtain a marijuana license just to get high. This is ridiculous. In states where marijuana isn't legal, the people will continue to purchase and smoke weed. Marijuana should be legal because people have the right to smoke it, people are harming themselves--not others, we currently spend billions of tax dollars chasing people who just want to get high, and finally the marijuana plant is a valuable natural resource.

            In America, the citizens have the right to do whatever they want. If the people want to buy marijuana, allow them to. Them buying weed will not affect the lives of others. It's the people's decision on how they want to live their lives. The government can't stop the people from making decisions. The people will do what they want anyhow. So why not legalize weed and save the tax dollars for more valuable purposes?

           Currently, the United States uses on average $500 per ($25 billion) fighting the war against the usage of marijuana. We are spending billions fighting against people who just want to get high. This money could be used for better purposes such as fixing broken roads and bridges, aiding the military, and even aiding the war against cancer. With the legalization of marijuana America could finally find advantages of the marijuana (hemp) plant. Some advantages of the plant are it can be used to make rope, paper, and canvas. 

            Marijuana should be legalized because it has many valuable purposes, people have the right to smoke it, it's harming the user--not others, and we spend ENTIRELY too much money attempting to keep people from smoking it. 

Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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