Odalis Colorado

Don't Build The Wall Between U.S. And Mexico

Should they build the wall between U.S. and Mexico?

Dear Future president:

Should they build the wall between U.S. and Mexico? No, they should not build the wall. Just because we have in our country some Mexican people who are undocumented I am against that to build the wall between U.S. and Mexico. Because 1. Contribute to economy, 2 Better life and 3 open country.

Should they build the wall between U.S. and Mexico? First thing about Mexican people stealing our jobs. Mexican people or not stealing our jobs, those persons that they come to the Unites States that they call them ‘’immigrants’’ are not stealing our jobs. They come to our country to have a better future and better life. And those immigrants’ people that they work hard they get to pay super lower. The immigration is good for the economy and the immigrants create jobs and U.S. born workers and prosperous. Because they are 16 million American workers without high school diplomas.

Some other point they should not build the wall they should put more immigration officers, because if they build the wall the immigration people they are going to clime that wall and go to our country, are some other people are not going to do that probably they are going just to go and see the wall and said ‘’Ok’’, and they are going to leave.

My point of views is that not much of the people agree that they should build the wall that’s reticules, and other thing they want the Mexican pay the wall including the president of Mexico ‘’Enrique Pena Nieto’’, and obesity they are not going to pay the all, but also they should put good immigrants officers on the border. Most immigrants come to the U.S. to find a job so they have a peacefully live in our country. And also the immigration has been for many years but has increased over the year by millions immigrants are taking up all the jobs that U.S. citizens should have and nobody tried to do anything about it.

Other thing is the criminal Mexican people, they think that all immigrants’ people crossing the border they are criminals, are they coming to our country to put more drugs on the Unites States. Will some persons do that and some other don’t. People think so many things about the Mexican people. They are coming for a better life. Also they are not coming to just to do bad or worse things in our country. Everyone can travel whatever they want. If we don’t want to have immigrants in our country are criminal Mexican people okay just have them ‘’Visas’’ for those that they are undocumented persons. But not all the persons are criminals like they think.

About the Mexican criminal people they think they are, also they don’t care about what they said. Some other point not just the Mexican people are criminals, everyone can be a criminal it can be an American person. For example does people that they are climbing the wall (border), to live in the U.S. and they are not citizenship if they get caught from a immigration officer those people can get shot go to jail o totally they get deportation, it can be many years are their rest of their life. But since Obama took office in 2009, the U.S. has focused enforcement resources on deporting convicted criminals. In fact 255,000 non criminals and 168,000 criminals. Like you can in the year in 2009 they were more non-criminals instead of criminals’ people. Although the countries of birth like 48% of Mexican immigrants about 5.85 million, are unauthorized. In the same way each year, about 500,000 undocumented immigrants return home on their own get permanent residences, are deported are die.

And to finalize this letter for the future president is my final reason about some Mexican don’t pay taxes when they are on our country. You know everyone pat taxes including the Mexican people that they live in their country they pay they called ‘’ Secretary of Finance’’ and if an immigrant wants to leave in our country they should pay taxes like everyone those. But also 8.1 million of 11.4 million undocumented immigrant who work paid more than $11.8 billion in states and local taxes in 2012.


Odalis Saldana