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Education in our World

There are many different controversies that find themselves in our world today. There are so many topics that deserve the attention and care of the future president. This is about the education for this generation, and generations to come.

Dear Future President,

     There are so many topics to talk about, that finding the right thing to say is somewhat of a challenge. Education is obviously a very big part of out world today, whether it is grade school, or universities. Individuals spend a fair portion of their life sitting in a classroom and taking notes, or learning things to help them farther down in their life. So when the word "Education" is heard, what is the first thing to comes to mind? Is it a lecture at the front of a classroom? Is it the nutrition of our modern day children? Is it an apple? Whether it ranged from the classroom environment, to the atmosphere of the school, all that comes from one place or another. People paying taxes are big parts in the schools. The peoples taxes is what pays a teachers salaries. The peoples taxes are what pay for the textbook required in each class. The peoples taxes are the foundation to a young persons whole career. 

     Some may ask why this is a big subject. So? People pay the taxes, and a section of the taxes go to each category of jobs. This includes jobs, education, health benefits, and much more. Why is it such a big deal that the certain section of the money goes to education? Well, when a school registers for all the essentials to become a school, the state gives them the name, then decides on how much money they get to buy their students textbooks, and other essentials like that. The bigger the school is, the more money a school gets, and other things like that contribute to the the amount of money a school receives. However, this system can be very beneficial or very harmful. For example, a public school of 1,200 gets a fixed amount each year. Then they add in some money, based on the amount of students, for the textbooks and school lunches, so that they can have a comfortable school environment, and be able to stick to the curriculum. Which is based off of the standard testing. This is very beneficial to the public school of 1,200, and make their school life just a bit easier.

     This is a very person subject to me because I went to a school when they first started, and they had around 100-200 students in a K-9. However, when they received their name, the state found that a school like ours with so little students is not worthy to get money. Half of the reason money was not given, was because we had the title of "Classical" and we were being taught off the classical curriculum and not being taught based to the states standardized testing. Even though were were not taught based on the standard testing, we still passed with above average grades, and they still refused the money. This was a problem, because they made it hard on our school to continue. Let alone have anything worth it to the students. The result of this was that the parents ended up getting  money out of their own pockets and paying so that the school could continue. Keep in mind that our school had very poor parents who were struggling with many kids. After a few years, and around 500 students later, the district finally found it fit to give money to the classical school. It was significantly less than most schools, but its was finally time, and people were very much deserving. By this point it was a K-12 school. We were able to provide students with binders, but we ended up with 100 student in a 6 class roomed building. Which added to the whole effect of a high school experience, causing many people to leave.

     Over all, all schools should have equal share of the money. Counted by students, and the economic difficulties of all of them. This is a huge subject that effect more than just classical schools. It effects small home schools, private schools, and other classical schools. So I would appreciate if this became a bigger problem, and became higher on the to-do list.

Thank you,



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