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College Tuition

This paper is going to talk about college tuition and how it should be cheaper.

Dear Madame/ Mr. president,

          There are many families that are struggling to send their child to school. Most of these reasons are because it is too expensive, and the families that want their children to have a better life than them do not have the financial or economic stability to set them up for success or the children may not want to go to college because of the debt they will be in after getting their degree. If these families want to have their children go to college, make more money than them, be more prosperous than them, or overall have a better life than them, college is a key part of their base to becoming the next great entrepreneur or owning the next great business.

          The first reason to making college cheaper or free is the parents' economic status. A huge reason for many children not going to college is their parents can't pay for it. If you want the lower class to get better lives, this is a great stepping stone for giving those economically challenged families a better life. Also, these families that are in the lower class might have other kids they need to take care of, and college tuition can take a huge chunk out of their bank account.

         Another reason to making college cheaper is the children may not want to have the debt after college, and are afraid they might not get a good enough job for how hard they worked. College tuition can instill a lot of debt onto the students and can persuade them to not go to college in the future. Then, it is just a perpetual loop that can only be broken by lowering college tuition costs.

          Overall, college tuition can be extremely costly to families of the lower economic class and may be detrimental to the children's future. Some added benefits to lowering college tuition is possibly lower crime rates and an increase in the upper and middle class, which means more tax income for the government.

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