Maritza B. Virginia

Immigration Law

Immigration law should be such that illegal immigrants who, and only who, have committed felonious crimes are deported.

Dear Future president,

Hi my name is Maritza Benitez, i'm a junior at Eastern view High school. I would like to congratulate you as the new president of the United States of America. I have some concerned about are country because I believe there have been many controversy concerning immigrants that they're criminals, rapist, and drug dealers. This is a bold statement people have been saying and personally I was offended I would like to change peoples views and perspectives on immigrants. the first thing I would like to change is for people to stop thinking that Hispanics/Latinos are the only immigrants there are European immigrants, Chinese immigrants and others. Second, I would like people to stop thinking negatively saying they have done bad thing. I am a granddaughter and daughter of immigrants my grandfather, mother, and father have worked very hard  to where they have gotten in life not, by selling drugs, or committing a crime, or sexually assaulting people but, by working hard. People just see the negative in people and not the positive. They're many ways we can control illegal immigrants but not by building a wall, but by deporting those immigrants that have committed felonious felonies , and those who don't have children who are American citizens. This is a topic that i wish to see resolved, and not see the country divide over. Thanks you future President of listing to my concerns.