Shanayah New Jersey


We need to find a way to help immigrants enter our country faster and try to protect our country and strengthen our border control.

Dear Future President,

I have a bone to pick with you about immigration. I personally think we need to help immigrant or illegal immigrants gain a citizenship. Now 11.4 million people make up are unauthorized immigrants. So what do you think. Why do about 11 million people want to be in our country. “Immigration fuels the economy. When immigrants enter the workforce, they increase the productive capacity of the economy and raise the GDP.” said the George W. Bush Institute. Personally being first generation American I feel we need to help the people who want to be in our country.

Us Americans or first generations should feel grateful and be prideful of what we have that we were born here. I do feel illegal immigrants who are causing a nuisance should pay the price. If they are murderers, sex traffickers, and burglars they should pay the consequence of their actions but they should get the same consequence. My family came here to live the American Dream. Not to come to America and be sent back.

For example check out this article this man states the fact that even though the man who killed his wife was an illegal immigrant he wasn't an illegal immigrant per se. Also we may need to find more humane ways to become a citizenship. Personally sending back immigrants will cost money that this country doesn't really have. Now what Trump wants to do is to go into schools and go around towns or cities to find illegal immigrants and ship them back to their country.

We may need to find a simple way to get immigrants a citizenship. Like getting places for immigrants to learn to become citizens and get there naturalization faster. Also teach them our language to help them. Live a simpler life here. We need to implement more schools around the states that teach languages. How can we accomplish this task where will the money come from. Per se the taxes. Such as a percentage of tax money can be used but, we should not raise that taxes but take a percentage of them and use it for this project. Also I do agree with the fact that we need to strengthen our border control and make sure there is a stronger immigration law.