Emiliano Z. Tennessee


Immigrants should not be denied the right to live the US. Immigrants bring good not bad to the US

Emiliano Zapata

Dear Next President,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My name is Emiliano Zapata, and I am a sophomore at STEM Prep High. I would like to inform you that for the past few year's, there has been a big issue over the topic of immigration. This issue of immigration has been spoken a lot in my school, throughout the county and even in this election of 2016. Deporting immigrants would be a bad impact on the economy and diversity in the country.

What some people don’t realize is that immigrants were the ones who founded America. Everyone has to learn their American History in school, and one of those topics that was discussed and taught is how people came from England, to where we currently live today, to have a better life than they had in England. Those colonists that first came here were immigrants themselves. So it would be unfair to deny immigrants from coming here to try to have better life just like the immigrants who founded America. With this kind of unfair treatment this could be a cause of deportation leading to hatred and could cause more problems like riots or rebellions. And I don’t think the US would want more problems like racism, unfair and unequal rights/rules that are given towards all kinds of ethnicities.

Additionally, diversity is another major factor that could be affected if immigrants were to be deported. ImHaving immigrants from all kinds of countries would help balance and increase diversity. By having a balanced diversity, this would be essential because if we didn’t have diversity there would be no genetic variation or natural selection, which is a necessity for a population to survive. The population would go extinct if there would not be genetic variation, in result of no diversity. When the first people arrived in America they wanted to perform practices and their culture they believed in because they weren’t allowed to in England. America was a place where the diversity opinions are admired, which means other opinions of other ethnicities should be accepted. Therefore, having diversity would help the necessity of survival and help with having all kinds of opinions that can positively impact our country.

Furthermore, by disallowing immigrants from living in America this would not just affect our diversity, but also the economy. Deporting immigrants would create a hassle for the economy because there is a vast cost to deport someone back to their country. According to Dr. Rich Swier , “ The pro-amnesty American Action Forum (AAF) found it would cost the federal government $400 to $600 billion to remove all illegal aliens currently living in the United States within a two year period…” Spending that much to just deport someone can have a negatively effect on the US economy and can cause the US to be in more debt than it already is in. Many people may say that immigrants would take all the jobs; however, this could help because this will create more jobs because as more people take up the jobs than more can be made which help gain more money. Therefore, will boost our economy to be more successful.

All in all, with your help towards the issue of immigration, immigrants could contribute to making America be a better and successful country. An idea that will help would be having an immigrant program were they will provide equal benefits by working in jobs they’ll work in. In return of their service they will gain benefits that will help them with education, health, and other benefits, which will help them succeed more. Keeping in mind of the idea mentioned, by allowing the US to let immigrants to enter this country could help with the diversity in country. Diversity creates variation which is necessary for survival. Immigrants could also help make the economy better because as more people take up jobs more jobs can be made, which could help earn more money, helping to boost our economy. With your help we can make America great and successful!


Emiliano Zapata