Harrison R. Texas

Why We Need Guns In America

Citizens in America need to be able to carry around guns.

Dear Future President,

Our country has some major issues in dealing with gun rights and concealed carrying laws. I believe that concealed weapons and the right to bear arms are a necessity in this country. Without these laws, murders would rise, there would be more cases of assault and the majority of Americans would be upset.

Let me start off by saying, now - a - days, guns are essential to the everyday family. With all of the robberies, rapes, and murders occurring everyday, how will someone protect themselves if one of these situations happens to them. A study in 2000 by the FBI showed that in states that allowed concealed carrying, murders were reduced by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, and robberies by 3%. All of those crimes stopped just by passing a law.

The next reason that concealed carries should be permitted is that licensed carriers are typically very responsible and may be able to stop a public attack. Another study in 2000 showed that carriers are 14 times less likely to be arrested or charged for a crime. They could be responsible enough to save themselves and many others. The average time it takes police to get to a crime is 11 minutes, if a passerby recognizes the situation and reacts quickly, many innocent lives can be saved.

Though concealed carried weapons may cause a confrontation to turn lethal, the chances are slim and the reward of saving many lives is worth keeping concealed carries legal. We need to be able to have weapons in order to protect us, make the country safer, and most of all, protect others.

Student, KHS


Harrison R.

KHS Miller Pre AP

Eng I

9th Grade English Students

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