Connor B. California

Anti gun Laws

Do you believe in the second amendment?

Dear Future President,

I am a student at HSHMC in  San Diego California and I would like to talk about the problem with gun laws.

Do you know how much crime is in the United States? You need to protect yourself but people are trying to take our second amendment. I am a supporter to the second amendment and even though that no one in my house owns a gun I still believe that everyone should have the right to conceal a firearm. According to the National Rifle Association, guns were used 2.5 million times last year for self defense.

I understand that criminals could steal guns but even if they were banned they could steal them and we would be left defenseless against them. Assault weapon bans did not significantly reduce murder rates in the us according to an article posted on Letters to The Prez 2.0.

I am asking you to not  remove all of the laws on guns, but instead to decrease the laws to a certain extend and to not remove guns from our society. I read an article from Gun Laws For America and they said that background checks should be required to own a gun. I agree with them but the laws like no fully automatic weapons or no extended magazines on Assault weapons are the laws that I am against. Please use common sense when it comes to gun laws.


Connor Bullis

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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