Alexander B. Georgia

Gun Violence

Stop The Gun Violence!

Dear Future President,

     “Every day on average, 306 people in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, and police intervention,” Kids, teens, and adults are being shot killed by gun violence every day. The gun violence in the U.S. needs to stop!

          In one year on average, over 111,000 people are shot but, 32,964 people are killed by it.  11,184 are murdered while, 20,511 innocents kill themselves. Every year, more guns are sold, and more innocent people die. Statistics show that every year, deaths by gun violence increases drastically. Death by gun violence has risen from 29,569 deaths in 2004 to 33,636 in 2013. Now in 2016 the gun violence might have gone down but not by much. Also, it increased by a lot too.

            I suggest that all guns (handguns etc.) should have a fingerprint reader. The finger print reader reads the owners’ fingerprint so that no one else can use it but the owner. The reader would be on the grip of the gun. If the owner of the gun does not put their finger print on the gun the cannot be shot. “If we can put finger print readers on our phones, why can’t we put that on our guns,”-President Obama. People (all ages) mostly die from suicide. People that commit suicide get guns illegally, so with the finger print scanner, the gun won’t shoot.  I know that you think that you did all that you could to fix it but you didn’t! A 19-year old teen created a fingerprint reader on a gun. If a 19-year old can create a fingerprint reader, why couldn’t you think of that before? 62% of gun deaths in the U.S. are caused by suicidal attempts.

            I want you to consider putting finger print readers on guns. The gun violence needs to go down. The more it goes down, thousands and thousands of kids, teens, and adults will be saved. The violence doesn’t just need to go down in the U.S. but, everywhere on the planet. 

Thank you for your consideration.  


Alex B.