Joel R. California

Gun Rights

Keeping our gun rights.

October 26, 2016

1600 Pennsylvania Ave

NW, Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

I am an eighth grade student that goes to Achieve Charter School Inc. Congratulations for becoming the 44th president of the United States of America after years of hard work to get you to this position. It must be an honor to be considered. I wish you a happy and peaceful presidency. In these times the topic of taking away gun rights keep coming up over and over and over again. With this topic always recurring I am starting to fear for my gun rights. So in this letter I would like to prove to you that we should protect the second amendment so that we can protect ourselves.

We need to protect guns so we can protect ourselves. People need guns and have needed guns to protect themselves from animals and other people. In northern states like Alaska guns are used regularly to kill animals that are after their food, for food, and to protect themselves and their family. Guns are needed even to protect you and your family from animals such as bears, wolves, and even stray moose that with a kick could break all of your ribs. said “Self defense is the inherent right of an individual to repel any unwarranted attack. Governments are not individuals and should not have the power to restrict or invalidate a person's ability to defend him/herself.” Protection is a huge use of guns why should our “shield” that protects us be taken away? Also, seventy-four percent of criminals stay away from houses with people in them because of the fear of being shot, we should make that other twenty-six percent wrong even just by giving a warning shot. So clearly having guns keeps criminals away from your home so why would you give them away? What if your house was broken into when the rest of your family was sleeping? You should ask that question to yourself twice. Once where you have guns, another when you don´t. According to in just America, every year four hundred and ninety eight thousand robbers are scared away from homes because of firearms.

Pursuing this further, another reason the second amendment should be in place is because it was made into our constitution by our country's forefathers. These men went through tough times and they thought it was important enough to make it one of the first rules of a new country they were making that was to stand for freedom and truth, justice, and what has become the American way. If we didn’t have rights to guns the only people with guns are paid by the government so the government has the upper hand. Does that sound familiar or is that just me? Also, Tiffany Madison said“Most gun control arguments miss the point. If all control boils fundamentally to force, how can one resist aggression without equal force? How can a truly “free” state exist if the individual citizen is enslaved to the forceful will of individual or organized aggressors? It cannot.” What she is basically saying is that if we are to be a free country we should have the means to have the same power as the government we are to keep accountable. Apparently has more than just books but helpful quotes.

Yet another bad effect of guns being illegal is that many people will not let a new law take their guns away. That would not only mean people would stockpile guns it would mean that there would be a black market for guns which would start whole new problems for police and society. What kind of logic is that though? That people that use guns to break the law will turn in their guns because it is a law. Since when have criminal followed laws that don’t benefit them?

People that are for gun control say guns kill people, but the truth is, people kill people a gun does not have the will to pull its own trigger, especially at someone. Although all of that is true there is some compromises we can make. One being that we can make it so that known felons will be monitored with their buying of guns. That way that the main threat will be neutralized because most criminals who went to jail come out and still break the law. If that happens both sides will be happy. Second we can make it so that people have to take gun safety courses to be able to buy weapons above a pistol grade which would also satisfy both sides needs.

This issue has been on my mind and has become really important to me because I believe in my rights and hope to be able to keep them by the time I can use them. So please do not take away my rights, but do make it so that people who shouldn’t have guns don’t have guns by regulating who can buy guns based off their criminal record. In the meaning of people who have been known to use guns inappropriately, but it is very important that the responsible get rewarded by keeping their rights.

I thank you Mr./Mrs. President for taking the time to read and consider this topic that I have presented.


Joel R.