XiuQing Z. New York

Undocumented immigrants Should Be Accepted

The U.S. has so many undocumented immigrants since the immigrant upsurge began. Most of the undocumented immigrants escape to the U.S. for a better life, and the U.S. government should make a law to accept all the undocumented immigrants.

Dear President,

I’m an immigrant who comes from China. I have been living in New York for 4 years, this year is my last year in high school. Since the immigrant upsurge begin, we had about 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States until 2016. That is a very important problem in our country. Undocumented immigrants have no rights, therefore, they deserve nothing. Illegal immigrants live in fear of being deported and separated from their families and homes. Just simply walking or driving to work or to the store every day could end up with one being deported, and losing everything that was made by honest living in either a couple of months or a lifetime. All of the illegal immigrants came here for a better future, not to be harassed and afraid every day. Now is the time to change the problem, we need more immigrants to help our country growing, the undocumented immigrant should be accepted in the U.S. They are helpful for the United States.

The United States was built with the sweat of immigrants who ventured to pass the great seas and mountains make up a success America. We should welcome and accept all the people who want to come to the United States, they could help America grow. The United States needs more immigrants, according to the article “Border Crisis May Hurt Harvest, Farmers Say,” “Deeper in the nation, however, farmers in the fruit orchards of the Carolinas face a labor shortage.” This shows that farms didn’t have a lot the farmers to harvest the foods, only a few percent of the U.S. citizens would like to do this work because most the U.S. citizen want jobs that pay more money than farm work, so they would decide to have another job that has the higher wage. This is a serious problem for America: if no one likes working on the farm, the foods would be rot, it wastes a lot the money and it will bring famine problem for people. But it would become different with the undocumented immigrants, they would like to have this job, because whatever kind the job come to them, they will take it, even the wage is so little. If you accept more illegal immigrants have the right to stay in the U.S, this labor shortage problem will be fixed. 

Some undocumented immigrants have made a family in the U.S, according to the article “Controversial immigration case makes it onto Supreme Court docket.” “Many critics of U.S. immigration policy believe deportation is unfair in cases where immigrants have children born in the United States. They say it is cruel to break up families. Deported immigrants can also face dangers when returned to their home countries.” This shows that undocumented immigrants might have their children born in the U.S., and it is very cruel to just send their parent back to their own country. The children need their parents to take care of them. Childhood should be a time of joy, wonder, and innocence. Children are our most precious, valuable, and fragile resource for the future. The children of today are the adults of tomorrow, and a lovely childhood will lead them to become a great person in the future. So it is very important to let undocumented immigrants and their children stay together, you should allow the illegal immigrants to stay with their children to have a good life. 

All the undocumented immigrants come to America just for a better life, because in their country might have war and economic problems. According to the article “Kids from Central America come seeking safety in U.S,” “But the kids' reasons may be more complicated. Many of them are trying to escape violence in Central America. Many also want to join a parent already in the United States.” This shows that most of the kids are escaping from violence and want to have a better life in another place, so they come to United States because they think America is a country that has a good development. You can save them by accepting them to live in the U.S., so they do not need to worry about go back to the brutal war. The earth is a place that all the people can live with, it should not be separated to a different countries. All the people should have the right to go to whatever place they want to go, the earth is ours, not only belong to one country. America does not have the right to kick undocumented immigrants out of the country, as they are a member of the earth, they should be accepted in every place that they want to stay.

You should accept undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Our country needs more immigrants to help our country grow; they are helpful for the United States. You can change it by making a law about accepting undocumented immigrants, such as, let all the undocumented immigrants have the right to live in the U.S. and work in the U.S. so they will not be afraid of just walking in the street. The truth about the undocumented immigrants is they are working for low wages and voluntarily to pay taxes, but do not receive any benefits. The United States government should give the right to the undocumented immigrants. I think you should take action about the undocumented immigrant problem, let them have a safe and lovely home.


XiuQing Zhao

Brooklyn International High School

BIHS Seniors 2016-17

Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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