Avery L.


In this letter, I explain the necessary need to humanely regulate and enforce immigration laws.

Dear future president, 

Due to the fact there are currently over 11 million -roughly 3 percent of the American population-unauthorized immigrants residing in the United States, there is evident need for change in the ways illegal immigration is regulated (Pew Research, “5 facts”). Although illegal aliens cause injustices within our country, forcefully removing them from US territory, ripping apart families, and building walls is not the answer. As human beings, we must not forget that these people who seem to be “infesting” our country are simply pursuing a better life for themselves, just as we would be doing if we happened to be in their place. It is important to welcome and help integrate people of other cultures and nations into our country so they, too, can have a chance at the American Dream. However, much of American taxpayer dollars’ eventually end up paying for these undocumented people who do not pay taxes themselves. Some job opportunities are offered to illegal immigrants over US citizens due to the chance to pay them lower wages. Also, our country is becoming over-populated. This is where undocumented immigrants become a problem; this is where we need to improve our current regulation policies. We must come together as a country to solve this issue in the most efficient and effective way possible. Violence and cruelty is not the answer. If we formulate a comprehensive immigration reform, keep families together, and grant access to affordable health care for all families, this issue can improve and hopefully be resolved sometime in the near future.