Jackie A. California

Letters to the Next President

Immigration and overpopulation is a major issue in our country in that needs a solution.

Dear Next President,

Hello, my name is Jackie , and I’m writing this letter to you because there is a major issue in our country that needs a solution.

First off, I’d like to congratulate you on winning the election and taking on the challenge of running our country. Many issues and topics have been circulating the air and has us Americans curious as to how you our new president is going to resolve these issues. The main issue of the presidential election was how, as our new president, you plan on addressing the overflow of our population due to immigration?

Immigration is seen as a major problem in today’s society not only because it may seem as if they are taking our jobs but it now affecting our environment. In an article it states that “as the population grows, so does its need for resources .” So as illegal immigrants enter America they are not only breaking a federal law but they are also taking our resources. As more continue to enter America the more problems our country has to deal with, such as overpopulation, housing, and jobs.

On the other side immigration is not bad. I think what’s worse is separating a family for no reason and leaving that child without parents. I believe that no kid should grow up without a mother or father. Immigrants who cause problems in our country should be deported due to the fact that they don't follow our rules. Innocent people who only want a better life for themselves and their families should not suffer for others mistakes. Many Americans blame immigrants for problems that occur in our country that have nothing to do with them. We Americans are the only ones who can truly change how we run our government and try to make an effort to not only this generation now, but to future generations to carry our legacy.

In conclusion, I ask you as our new president to fix the major issues in our country to benefit all for a better life in which immigrants seek when they dream to come our country. Yes there may be some bumps in the road to this, but I hope with great efforts you try to make everyone in our country strive to be the best country possible without any nonsense or issues. People seek to come to America for a better life not only for themselves but their families as well, and adding new people to our population can maybe one day change the world for the better just because they got a better life and education in America where in other countries you can not do that. Finding a solution to the problems of both immigration and overpopulation would be a great start to your new presidential career.


Jackie A.

Newbury Park High School

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