Alex C. Michigan

The Gray Area that is Politics

Politics and the government have become so grey, and it's an accomplishment to have a transparent elected official. It shouldn't be that way. We need clear, honest politics.

Dear future President of the United States,

As clearly displayed through the campaigns and debates up until this election, there is a plethora of problems facing this country, as well as the world, from social, economic, and environmental standpoints. From the continuation of racism and exclusion of certain groups of citizens, to the high unemployment rate, debates over the wage gap and equal work for equal pay, the rich being taxed at a higher rate, a desire for a much higher federal minimum wage, to the scientifically proven problem of global warming which we are doing little to help fix, as well as having a very limited amount of resources, with only approximately 25 years worth of coal left if increased production is met to fulfill the growing population. There is undoubtedly many problems (and many more I neglected to list). Despite this multitude of issues that you have much power to influence, none of them are my first worry when it comes to the current position the United States of America is in. I am worried about the people, and the lack of faith that I, as well as many others have, in the future of our great nation.

As I do not know who I am currently writing to, I will be blunt in saying that a small percentage of Americans actually trust either of the major two-party candidates. There have been numerous lies spoken on both sides of this race. Like the vast majority of Americans who lack trust for either candidate, not many believe we will have a stable future as a country. This I would like to attribute to the lies rather than actual policy. These debates and campaigns have focused so little on policy on much moreso on attacking the opponent, doing anything to get into office. It’s no wonder we doubt our two choices. We the People, are people of this country. As much as we like to think we have a say in what happens, our voices are so small. On top of that, we never truly know our options, whether it is voting yes or no to a local proposal or something as big as the presidential election. This is where the issues comes to play. I believe the big issue which would be key to solving, would be allowing for there to be clear, honest, politics, where transparency isn’t a needed term, nor does it have this negative connotation of “seeing right through them”; we need to actually see, rather than being blinded by the gray area that is politics.

I cannot blame just the politicians and the government. Elected officials have become more and more gray over the years, not being clear with the American people. We, as the citizens have allowed this to happen. We have enabled corrupt politicians to rule this country, manipulating the people of this country to fit into confined political views, as well as being used to politicians flipping sides.

We are tired of it.

One begins to wonder why 85% of Americans are libertarians and don’t even know it, yet Gary Johnson cannot reach 15% in the polls. Third-party candidates are the most honest and upfront candidates with how they wish to better, or at least attempt to better, this country, with Gary Johnson even admitting to not knowing whether he’d improve this country, yet he’d be honest with the American people.

We have been conditioned to trust the untrustable and we allowed it to happen. This is a societal and governmental issue in which both parties need to participate. The American people need to trust those being honest with us, as well as themselves, knowing not every policy will work out, but we as the People need to accept that fact.


The fact of the matter is: you can not please everyone.

If a president does manage to please everyone, implementing all the policy necessary to create an amazing economy as well as relieving a large sum of our debt, creating many jobs, and allowing everyone the ability to comfortably survive, yet not punishing the rich through enormous taxes. Say, for all intents and purposes, everyone was equally better off.

I promise, if the president lied to get the citizens into this situation, there would be many people upset at the fact that their leader lied to them, even if it was for the better.

Essentially, be honest, and you’ll gain a following. We the People, enjoy an honest person, let alone our leader, and you should enjoy being so.

Hopefully you’ll learn from experience one day that cheaters never prosper. So if lying works in getting into the position which you are in, go ahead, but I promise you one thing: We the People, will never be truly happy if this is the path this country keeps going down.


Alex M. Clifford

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele IB ELA 12


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