Britney Minnesota

Dear future president

How the president should show care and respect

Dear future president,

I think you should show respect, honest and show that you care. We want someone that will tell the truth about what's going on instead of us being lost and saying everything will be okay. Tell us what you are think and want see how other people like it. You should have goals to see if you can meet them. Some of your goals could be fix a roads, or talk to a person you see and ask how they are doing and just have a little talk with them.

We want someone that won't show judgement .

Don't split people up by color or religion, like how the cops are getting treated bad and people are dieing in protests because they are colored,show that everyone matters to you and that you care what is happening in the country. Try to help the people that need the help instead of just pushing that off. We need a president that won't destroy our country but can make it better than it is. Make us feel safe and protect us will all that you can. We need the president to be smart and know what she or he is doing and know how to handle things if something goes wrong without getting us worried on what's going to happen. We need a president that doesn't just care about the big things like taxes, how our roads are doing and fix them. How to show respect is treat everyone one like how you want to be respected. Sincerely, Britney