Scout P. Michigan

Immigration in the U.S.

Dear Madame or Sir,

In order for a country to be stable there has to be a good, strong, president to run our country who will be able to deal with all of the illegal immigrants. There are many illegal immigrants in our country and the numbers just keep going up so the next president would need to have a major plan in order to keep the number of people in the United States down instead of them going up.

Immigration is a very big problem in our country so we would need someone to help handle that and take care of it. It’s not very fair for children to have to deal with the worry of not being a legal immigrant because their parents made them. In 2013 we had an estimated 11.4 illegal immigrants in the United States, and the numbers have probably increased since then. You would need some kind of plan to try and decrease the number of illegal immigrants. Do you as president think that everyone has the right to enter the United States if they want to? I feel like not everybody should have the right to enter the United States especially when some people could cause harm.

What would be your first act as president? My first act as president would be to put up a wall to help with the number of illegal immigrants. When you get elected president you will need some kind of immigrant policy in order to keep the number of illegal immigrants at a lower number. I feel like a wall would benefit the United States to help keep the immigrants out along with the immigration police. I also think that if we got all the immigrants documented that would help with our number of illegal immigrants.

Our next president will need to know how to deal with our major immigration problem. If we build a wall we are going to need more immigration police to help watch the wall and make sure no one gets over it. I do, however feel that if we do build a wall I don’t think that it’s fair to make Mexico pay for all of it while we don’t pay for any of it. So I think that if we build a wall it’s fair to have us pay for half of it and then Mexico to pay for the other half instead of having Mexico pay for all of it.

Without a doubt, I feel that our next president will have to have plans shortly after he/she becomes president about our huge illegal immigrant problem. Our next president will also have to be a strong, responsible kind of person to lead our country. Last but not least, our next president will need to know how to think up plans ahead of time for our country.

Sincerely: Scout 

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