Cody Minnesota

Honesty is the most important part of a President

Honesty and not being afraid of terrorists is what we need in a President.

Dear future President

To have a successful country you must be honest with everyone that is a part of it. The way it is going it looks like some people are trying to communicate with other countries through email behind the Americans backs. Now that raises some red flags because when someone is emailing a lot with another country and trying to hide it, it looks like you are making plans to help them and throw this great country under the bus. What it looks like one lady was doing, sending over 33,000 emails with another country and then deleting them, seems like she is trying to allow them to bomb us or take us over. When a president can communicate with other countries and hide it from us then they could be planning something with the other countries that could be bad for America. If we had a president who is always honest then we wouldn't have to worry about our leader trying to hurt America.

Another way to keep Americans happy (alive) is to do something about ISIS. Every day innocent civilians die from being killed by ISIS and there is little being done about it. Open borders would be a really bad thing because it would allow easy access to all bad people out there. We need a president who isn't going to sit back and let anyone in our country without strict background checks, and that will go to war when needed to take out ISIS. Between 2002 and 2015 ISIS has killed over 33,000 people. We can't just sit here getting penetrated by them, they are killing too many innocent people. Whoever becomes the new president of the United States i hope you will do something about them terrorists instead of just watching our people get killed, or having open borders.