Ian B. Massachusetts

Why All Political Parties Need to Work Together More

Why Democrats and Republicans Need to Work Together Dear Next President: In the following letter, I will provide extensive reasoning will be for why it is essential for Republicans and Democrats to work together. During the course of a presidential campaign, each candidate from each individual political party discusses their ideas and why they feel they are superior. In the end, one candidate from one party will be chosen to represent the United States of America. After an election is over and one candidate is chosen, it is widely accepted by the people that that candidate's ideas are the ones that the people will live by. While the winner of the election's ideas should be the ones to be used, it is also true that many people will be unhappy with that person in office and they ideas they have. To eliminate this problem, The President of the United States should work with the nominees of other parties so they will keep everyone's supporters happy. In the 4-8 years of a presidency, there are many controversial problems that arise and that The President will have to deal with. To truly have a strong president, the people must find a president that is open-minded and is free to all suggestions. The level of a president’s strength and maturity will be tested in problematic moments. People will see that the president is mature enough to work with anyone and is willing to listen to anyone’s ideas in order to get things done. When he/she works with his counterparts, it will help him/her show the people that he/she is hardworking and devoted to solve problems as quickly as possible no matter who they turn to. When a president is elected, his/her greatest task is to manage and run the country as efficiently as possible. In order to do this the best way, our Commander in Chief must please all of the people, and do that by taking into consideration that while the majority of the country successfully elected the candidate they wanted to, others were left discouraged. More often than not, political representatives are judged harshly by people who did not want them in office. A lot of representatives fail to gain those people's trust because those people are already discontent with them since they do not have faith in their current ideas. In order to gain their trust and support, The president of the United States’ best option would be to refer to those people and try and relate to them by working with the candidate that the other party intended to elect, showing those people that he/she is not just sticking to their own values. Our two major parties haven't worked closely together since 1988, and it doesn't look good right now either. Our principles are tested each and every day because some people think that we are a nation that is very divided. This cannot be disapproved without a powerful leader showing that for our nation to be truly united, we need to all work together, even with those who we tend to oppose; for the greater good. So today we stand at the crossroads: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The choice is not clear to a lot of people. Their ideas differ in many ways, but no matter which one of these candidates is elected, people will have to go to different extremes. There's a common fear which people are sticking with which is that the ideas that these candidates have are never going to change and the candidates are selfish people who only think of their own ideas. The only way to truly know which candidate is better is by determining if they can work with each other, not against each other.