Miguel Utah

Honesty in politics

Politics has part of manipulation and deception but in our current election it has created division. The president must bring unity and not lie for pointless problems to focus the real problems we face.

Dear President,

Lying in politics has always present. Since the beginning of our government with the belief that the constitution is proof that the founding fathers were self-interested and lied about the interest of others. But the unrevealed truths that have been all throughout the this election have created a division. Throughout the election you have talked about how you would take higher stand yet you fail to do so.

For example Hillary’s email scandal is now coming back to haunt her although she might’ve been really confident everyone would forget with Trump’s scandals. During the debates Hillary always brought up Trump’s problems when asked about the emails. She always talked about going above Trump’s statements but then she came to attack him of a problem he has. The debates were not a discussion about important topics that citizens needed to know about, rather it was live game of the blame game.

Trump on the other hand tried too hard to lie and the media couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring their viewing rates up. If only he could truly be honest then he might’ve had a possibility to convince some people to pick him although his ideals might not be the greatest. He is unable to accept his stupid mistakes and apologizing for them, his ego seems to get in the way in each moment.

These are just some cases found between the two candidates who are going to head to head. Whoever wins has the responsibility to actually take leadership and run the country towards progress and stability. You won't make everyone happy but take in consideration everyone in the economical spectrum. If you must lie, make a lie that only benefits all.

Sincerely, Miguel