C.S. Wyatt Washington

Stop Stealing Our Money

Misuse of tax dollars can be stopped by giving us a say in where our money goes.

Dear President,

Along the brief history of the United States, a common mis-practice remains a constant. There is a strategic intervening on our perception of the way the government will use our money for the betterment of our society; that they hope to provide debt free college, stronger military, and an improved standard of living. These things are supposedly possible through an increase in taxes, or a redistribution thereof. But with the final destination of our federal tax dollars being controlled by the government; how effectively is that money being used?

I don’t want to pay for wars we shouldn’t be in; don’t want to vote for higher taxes that are supposed to improve infrastructure and better our education system, but don’t. Every taxpayer in America expects their money that the government requires us to give, is used for things that benefit the collective republic.

Distribution of federal taxes is subject to the government. It is believed that we can elect people who want to fund specific things we are interested in, such as education etc. Although, a problem arises at this point; there is no guarantee that they will succeed at the things they propose while campaigning, or even while already in office.

 Taxpayer sovereignty is a viable alternative to stop misuse of tax dollars by the government. This gives the citizen a percentage of their federal taxes to go towards services they deem the most important. The taxes are still required to be paid, but people now have the option (not requirement) to put their money towards things like education, infrastructure, and public education. Consider that the voices of Americans matter. We deserve the right to have a say in where you use our money.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - C.S. Wyatt

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