Ramazan M. Michigan

It's a given right...Right to bear arms

People want more gun control, but it isn't gonna work the way they think it will.

Dear President

I write to you today to discuss an issue that many speak blindly about. Of course there are many issues that this happens with, but the one I am talking about is the issue of gun control. Anytime something bad happens due to violence people always want to ban guns or they ask for harsher enforcement towards them. People make assumptions that creating more laws that pretty much make it impossible for the average person to get a gun will be the answer to reducing violence; however no one stops to really think about it. If guns do become outlawed or have hardcore restrictions, what makes people think that criminals won’t still be able to get their hands on it?

People assume that outlawing something erases it from existence, but they don’t realize that guns would still be around even if they’re illegal and people will find loopholes and other means of getting them; I mean drugs are illegal, but people (especially criminals) are still able to manufacture, sell, and buy them so why won’t they be able to do the same with guns? These are the questions nobody, especially politicians ever thinks about.

In the article More gun laws won’t work; gun opponents’ true aim is confiscation it talks about how “Americans own over 300 million guns. Gun confiscation means taking away a huge number of guns from a huge number of gun owners. We tried something like that with Prohibition, and it didn’t work out so well. And then, of course, there’s that inconvenient Second Amendment that would need to be repealed.”

Taya Kyle the wife of the famous NAVY SEAL sniper Chris Kyle quoted in a CNN interview 'American Sniper' widow: Gun control won't protect us saying “If you put an assault rifle in my hands or yours, I am not going to murder anyone, and I am guessing you won't either. But what makes gun control advocates think that someone who decides to kill will not use any means necessary to do so?” Being the widow of Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history who was shot to death by an ex-soldier,she talked about her husband's murderer and was quoted saying “ Simply having a weapon did not make him a murderer. His life choices did.” Taya Kyle is right and proves my point because guns don’t kill people, they don't have minds of their own; people kill people because they make the life choices that lead them to do so.

People always argue that the Second Amendment should be repealed because at the time it was drafted it was during a revolution against the British Army, so it is reasonable for why it was written the way it was. While laws should adjust with the time, I still think that people should have the right to own guns because they're tools just like a hammer or a hatchet, guns are just tools and just like how hammers don’t strike themselves against nails or hatchets against wood, guns are the same way in that they will only work if someone makes them and anytime they're used for harm is more about the persons life choice rather than their ability to buy the gun to do so. Those that intend harm will use any means necessary so there is no point in taking away a given right that many people love.        

Okemos High School

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