Bliss S. Connecticut

Stopping Global Warming

The United States needs to stop global warming before the earth gets to the point of no return. After all the band of planets that have been found that might possible sustain life is a could billon lightyears away, I think green energy is our only option.

Dear Secretary Clinton and Mr.Trump,

My name is Bliss Sidell and I am in 10th grade I am writing you because there is an issue that i am very passionate about, that can not wait until next election when I am old enough to vote. This issue can not wait and i need a way to have my voice heard. That issue is climate change and how the United States needs to move away from traditional energy and transition into clean energy. This is something that I am very passionate about because this issue applies beyond me. This is something that plagues every inhabitant of this earth. As the United States and countries abroad continue to use fossil fuels we are ruining the earth to a point where there is no way to repair the damage. This is why it is so important that this issue is addressed in this election and presidency because time is running out, until the one earth we have will be in such disrepair that it is no longer able to sustain us. Our earth is already taking a turn in that direction and as a society we can not allow this to continue.

In order to make a difference we need to acknowledge that a problem does indeed exist. There are many people in our great country that are still not accepting that there is indeed a dire need for change and if change is needed at all. People must know the truth about climate change and that is is a very real problem that is facing everybody. Trying to ignore the issue and walk around the problem in order to please everybody as some past politicians have done in the prior elections is making the situation worse. Climate change need acknowledgment and needs to addressed.

In order to stop the issue of climate change our country must transition away from fossil fuels and traditional energy. This is so important because fossil fuels production and use is what creates global warming because these energy creators release carbon dioxide and other gases that trap heat in the earth's atmosphere. By transitioning away from traditional energy and switching to clean energy we would set a global example and many other countries would follow in our examples.

Clean renewable resources also have many advantages besides solving climate change. If the United States switches to green energy we would no longer need to rely on other countries for our energy. As well as opening new jobs for Americans in the construction and implementation of green energy.There are concerns with job loss over switching to green energy but jobs will actually be created . 

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