Charel I. Florida

Enviormental Awareness

Let's apply some laws to keep our country with the least affects on the active global warming.

The Honorable Next Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20006

RE: Recycling

Dear Next Future President,

I am a resident of North Miami Beach, FL and I am writing to you about my concern with the lack of recycling happening around my neighborhood as well as other surrounding neighborhoods.

Being a resident of this neighborhood, I would enjoy if I could see nice places around my community without having to see all of the trash that I find on the floor. For example, I have this beautiful park called Greynolds Park and it is such a beautiful park and it would look much better with conscious citizens recycling there waste. Our ecosystems are in great danger as every day goes by.We need to create and teach environmental awareness to all.

I have noticed recently, that within the debates we have not held a conscious conversation on the dangers of global warming, it is concerning to me that we care so little about the future of our planet. By just adding a few environmentally conscious laws we can help so much, for example; the waste system inside of public schools, museums and parks and even set some rules within every corporation. Being within the small percentage of countries that are categorized as first world countries, it baffles me to believe that we have yet to become enviormentally conscious. We have to think about the future of our children and set examples, for a healthy life.

Thank you for the attention.


Charel Ibgui.

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