Austin H. California

End America's Dependence on Fossil Fuels

If we all used energy produced by natural resources like solar and wind, we could eliminate the use of nuclear energy and coal consumption.

Dear Next President,

I am Austin Huang and I am a high school senior at San Marino. One issue that has been brought up a lot in my high school senior government class is Alternative Energy. If we all used energy produced by natural resources like solar and wind, we could eliminate the use of nuclear energy and coal consumption. 

 People will start to realize that non-renewable energy will run out and go to using these resources when the world is already a big mess of heat and trash. Research shows that renewable energy is classified as energy that comes from resources like sunlight, wind, geothermal heat and rain that are constantly replenished. Renewable energy can serve as a replacement to electricity, motor fuels, rural energy and heating. Many people might discount renewable energy sources right off the bat just by looking at the definition. They wouldn’t hesitate to question why it is necessary to switch to sources like sunlight, wind, or rain. The way they see it, these are not very reliable sources of energy.. The clean energy industry generates hundreds of billions in economic activity, and is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. 

There is tremendous economic opportunity for the countries that invent, manufacture and export clean energy technologies. It is clean and results in little to nov greenhouse and net carbon emissions. It will not deplete our natural resources and have minimal, if any, negative impacts on the environment, with no waste products of Co2 and other, more toxic take with different sources of energy. The environmental benefits of renewable energy are innovative in that they will dramatically scale back on the amount of toxic air pollution released into the atmosphere by other methods. Enables us to protect the environment from toxic pollutants, which in turn keep people healthier.

We need to save the Earth by using renewable resources because fossil fuels will run out and are putting the environment we live in danger. I feel uncomfortable in the hot weather here in Southern California. If I could stay at home all day instead of coming to school, I would because the heat is getting worse everyday. The world’s global temperature is still rising as we speak. The heating of the Earth will only cause more disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina. Please save the planet while we still can before Mother Nature becomes an even bigger threat than it is to us today.

Austin Huang, Period 3

San Marino High School

Period 2-3; US Government

San Marino High School, class of 2017.

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