John K. Connecticut

The Buzz About Bees

Bees are dying at a globally alarming rate.

Dear President,

It’s the summer: hot, humid, and hectic. You're sitting in the sun, baking. It's already about as bad as it can get, when you hear it. Quiet and distant, then sudden and near. “buzzzzZZZZZzzZzZzZ” back and forth, you swear you're in the latest rendition of Jaws. You start swatting but it's useless, you get up, sweating, start running, still no use. You give up, waiting for the end, but then it stops. The bee is gone.

What if you never had to deal with this? What if there was never another bee to bother you? This can all be true, your dreams can be true, just do nothing. That's right, all you have to do is absolutely nothing, and all the bees will all die.

A world without bees, how sweet does that sound? No getting stung again, no hearing that annoying buzzing sound, no pollination. Oh wait, what’s that? No pollination, that doesn’t really even matter right? It’s just that silly thing with flowers right? Who evens cares if those TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND PLANTS don’t get to reproduce? Well, actually maybe people who like to smell flowers might care, after flowers do smell nice. But okay, I think the world can deal without getting to smell flowers, especially if it means no annoying bees.

Okay, so living in a world without bees and flowers really isn’t so bad, but is there anything else that might happen, just so we’re prepared? What else can flowers be used for? Some animals probably rely on the plants that bees pollinate, so that might be a problem for them, maybe we should worry a little about that. But then what about the animals that eat those animals? Will they die off too?

How far reaching would the food chain consequences of this lack of bees be? Would the bears and badgers that partially rely on eating the bees and their honey survive otherwise? There is no knowing how many consequences would result from the extinction of the bee population.

This isn't some silly thing that people should be sitting making internet memes about; this is a real problem that needs real solutions. Something like this would have serious repercussions on our food chain; there is no reasonable person who wouldn’t agree that something like this needs to have actions taken to prevent it. I trust that you’ll take the right steps to avoid this catastrophe.

-Jack Keegan

Lewis S. Mills High School

Advanced Composition

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