Elizabeth Connecticut

Legalize Abortion

I believe that the decision on whether or not a woman can abort a fetus should not ultimately be in the hands of the government and is a fundamental women’s right.

Dear future president,

Hi my name is Elizabeth Hogan. I have decided to write to you about abortion because it is a topic that is very controversial, a big part of the election, and an issue that interests me. The Washington Post states, "According to the 2013-14 annual report, Planned Parenthood’s affiliated clinics provided 10.6 million services for 2.7 million clients in 2013" (The Washington Post). Abortion is a relevant idea that gives women another option besides putting their newborn baby up for adoption or choosing to take care of their child for life. The country is split on whether or not abortion should be legal, and aside from the political aspect, if it is morally right. Many believe that abortion is murder and goes against their personal morals whether that is based on the religion they practice or not, however many others believe that abortion is a personal choice. I believe that the decision on whether or not a woman can abort a fetus should not ultimately be in the hands of the government and is a fundamental women’s right. Abortion is important because it has the potential to save a woman from the affliction of a rape caused pregnancy or an unexpected pregnancy.

Everybody has an opinion, and that sometimes makes it hard to solve or even settle arguments. Since so many Americans have differing and strong standpoints on abortion, this can be the cause for a lot of controversy. I think a way to settle this controversy is the simple solution to just let the decision be in every woman’s own hands. Abortion needs to be an option for women, because pregnancy is difficult to go through, especially if the woman does not want to endure the 9 month process to have a baby, when in the end they are planning on giving the child up for adoption. I read an article about the pros and cons of abortion and it stated, “The US Supreme Court has declared abortion to be a ‘fundamental right’ guaranteed by the US Constitution” (Should Abortion Be Legal?). I believe that it is up to the woman to seriously consider the benefits and drawbacks of abortion for her own situation and point in life, not the government. With rape currently being a real and concerning problem for women, they should feel comfortable that in a worse case scenario, they have a way out. Also, an unplanned pregnancy for a teenager could leave her into a downward spiral to poverty. Raising a baby is expensive, and it is nearly impossible for a teen to balance school, caring for a child, and attempting to maintain a job that provides enough money to support the child. According to parenting.com, it costs about $12,000 for a middle income family to raise a child for the first year. (Harris). It is not possible for a teen to earn that much money with a minimum wage part-time job, not to mention 30% of teenage girls drop out of high school due to unplanned pregnancy (The Drop Out Crisis and Teen Pregnancy). Abortion is considerably less expensive, and might be the deciding factor on whether or not a girl can complete high school and pursue a career of interest. According to the planned parenthood website, a first trimester abortion costs about $1,500 (Roe vs. Wade: Its History and Impact). If a woman is not in the financial standing to support a baby then abortion, even if it is still an expensive procedure, is overall a lot less than caring for a baby for life. If women do not have this option because of a law enforced by the government, then they may be forced to give up the baby, which can be very hard for a new mother who has gone through a pregnancy.

I understand that you, both Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton, have children of your own, so you fathom what it takes to raise and love a child. I can also assume that you value your own children's’ education, well-being, and overall happiness. It is evident that you care your children feel safe in their home, always have food on the table, and are motivated to work hard. However, many kids in America do not feel safe and are unhappy and uncomfortable in their family situation, or lack of one. If a woman is forced to have a baby, because hypothetically abortion could be declared illegal by the government, then the baby could live their entire life wondering who its parents are and the reasons behind their adoption, or the baby could end up in an unsafe or unstable household. For example, I read a couple articles from Time Magazine and Livescience on a story about a Tennessee woman who sent her seven year old adopted son back to his home country of Russia alone. This is a very sad story that proves not all adopted children are happy, and also not all children can be adopted and live their life in an orphanage or sometimes even on the streets. We should not live in a country where children are miserable and homeless because of a law preventing a safe medical procedure. Ms. Clinton, I would like to address the fact that as a woman, you understand that our country needs to fight for women’s rights. You mentioned in your campaign website that, “We should promote pay transparency across the economy and work to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act—a bill Hillary introduced as senator—to give women the tools they need to fight discrimination in the workforce” (Women’s Rights and Opportunity). It is clear that you care and are fighting to stand up for women’s rights and gender equality in society, politics, and the workforce. So, I feel that it is right to believe that you support the feminist movement that will hopefully bring the U.S. more rights for women. Another way we can progress is if we give women the right to have the choice of legal and safe abortion.


Elizabeth Hogan

Staples High School


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