Lizzy K. Ohio

Dude, We Only Have One Earth And We´re Wasting It.

Global Warming is a Real thing with REAL effects on us and on our earth. We need a change right now, before its to late.

Dear Next President:

I speak to you not concern with just my own voice but with the voice of thousands. Things need to change. We can not keep to our old ways. For we live in america in this great country with 0 regard for the environment. Whether you want to believe it or not It is A true problem. We only have one earth,we can no longer put of this problem for we are walking on thin ice going thinner. We must plan for the future and put aside the differences of race, gender,color, Ethnicity of sexuality and religion. To focus on are problems like environment, international connections and education. You hold the power, not just office power, but the power of the people see you as the face of the american government. If you lead them the will follow and we must be lead in some way.

If we are to advance forward we must know the past battles we must know humans kinds greatest mistakes. Of wars long fought and friendships long past. Of Rome's republic and of the crusades, But we mostly must look at are mistakes and were we triumphed. Of the little things that ended the war and the little things that started it. I call for a time of peace and of learning of individual thinking and of education. The educ

Our world is linked more than it has ever been before. Meaning that international connections are more important than ever before. We can not close ourselves off, build a wall.When England as expect severed there expensive bond to the united nations we entered the after effects here. As it is for smaller problems and Prosperities they affect us to.

Now I proceed back again to the continuous thought about the environment the glaciers are melting faster than ever before. It an alarming rate at which the problem has expanded . We our forcing thousands of years of climate change down to decades this could have astronomical effects on of crop intake. We must stop this waste of earth precise resource that will one day run out. What will wedo then ? When we can no longer use oil? When the prices have gone up so high that we can no longer drive with out blowing are banks? I urge you to make america a place where ideas become reality. Where we build and create and dream. Where we think and know and are educated. That is the america I one day hope to see a america that a because of the future. A america we can be proud to show to our grandchildren. A place not brandishing pollution and drought but a place where dreams become reality. That is a Amercia I one day hope to see a place where change does happen and dreams really do come true. I hope that one day we can put aside the hate that we put against one of each other so I can really get this essay done. A Place with no empty mouth where everyone is welcome. A place with liberty and justice for all.

Sincerely , Lizzy

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