Sophie D. Connecticut

Equality for Women, African Americans, and LGBT

While equality is something that we stand for in this country it is not actually represented. People of different races, genders, and LGBT people are not getting treated equally. We need to take a stance and change this. We need to represent what we stand for, equality for all.

Dear Future President,

We all know that the US is supposed to be a place where everyone is treated equally. People around the world come to live here to get freedom and equality because they don't get it from where they are from. Around the world people viewed this country as a place to express who you are and not get punished or treated differently. If you think about it though that's not true. Women are treated as less important than men, LGBT people are treated like they should be ashamed of who they are, and black people are getting killed for doing the smallest of crimes. Does this all really represent what our country stands for? Whoever the next president is should fix this and make sure that everyone is actually treated equal no matter their gender, race, or who they are a a person.

Women have been fighting for decades to be treated equal to men. Although it has gotten better it is still a huge issue in this country. One example is the US women's soccer team. They get paid way less than the men's team does. Even though in the 2016 Rio Olympics the women's soccer team qualified to compete and the men's team did not at all. The women's team got paid way less than the men would have. The US soccer federation offers bonus for whatever medal won in the olympics and the better the metal the better the bonus. Th emen get a bonus for either a bronze, silver, or gold. The women only get a bonus for a sliver or gold. This is unfair because the women's team works just as hard and actually represent this country way more in major tournaments the the men's team does. The recently had a campaign going on about getting equal pay. There are many other situations where women are fighting for equality and it is not getting anywhere. Although they are not treated equally there are also other groups of people like the LGBT community that is not treated equally.

The LGBT community is a newer group of people that has gotten a lot bigger within the past decade. The LGBT community is a group of people that either fall in love and marry someone of the same gender or even want to change their gender. They are getting treated like they are not important and should be ashamed of who they are. This is not fair. The US is supposed to be a places where everyone can be who they want to be and not have to worry about being judged by anyone. We are not following this though. In some states there are laws about how you can't marry someone of the same gender as you. This is basically saying that because you like this person you are not following tradition and we don't want you around us. This makes that LGBT community not feel safe in their own home or community. It also makes people feel like they can't truly be themselves without people being mean to them. The LGBT community is not the only main group of people that has been getting treated differently because of who they are. African Americans are also getting treated differently.

Have you ever heard of #blacklivesmatter. This is a hashtag that has to do with the mistreatment of black people. In the past few years there has been a few situations where a cop has killed a black man for simply stealing one little thing from a store. Although they are committing a crime they are not committing a crime to the point where they have to be killed on sight or even at all. Many people have protested about this happening. One way is by people taking pictures and posting them using the hashtag. Other ways are for people to actually protest on the streets. Although these all started as a safe non violent protests some ended in violence with innocent people being killed. This is not fair or right at all. All people in this country deserves to be treated equally.

Everyone in this country should be treated the same. No one should feel scared to be themselves. As the president you should make sure that no matter who you are that every person in this country feels like they are accepted for who they are. That no one should be ashamed of who they are. You should create equality for all. You should make sure that our country represents what we stand for. You should make sure that no one in this world is discriminated against.

From, Sophie