Katie Utah

Environmental Crisis

The longer we ignore the state of our environment, the more detrimental it is to our future.

Dear Future President,

We are in a state of environmental emergency as our planet is at the brink of a severe environmental crisis. Environmental problems are piling around us, and if we do not address these problems immediately, there will be disastrous outcomes.

The six most pressing environmental issues we are facing are climate change, pollution, deforestation, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, and soil erosion and degradation. Every 24 hours: 13 million tons of toxic chemicals are released across the globe, over 100 plant or animal species go extinct, and 200,000 acres of rain forest are destroyed. (Mickey Z, Planet Green, care2) That’s only one DAY!

We need a president that is committed to the protection of our environment. One who is motivated to move towards renewable energy, outlawing plastic grocery bags, holding factory farms accountable for their immense amount of pollution, supporting sustainable agriculture, enforcing the use of eco-friendly pesticides and herbicides that won’t contaminate groundwater, enforcing recycling, and much more.

Our future is dependent on a planet that is healthy, and you have the greatest power to start this revolution towards taking care of our planet.


Future Voter

Judge Memorial

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