Sarahy J. California

Letter to President: Discrimination


Dear Future President,

Good day, my name is Sarahy. I try not to pay attention to the negative things around the world, but it has come to my attention that one of the biggest issues we face in the U.S. is discrimination. Although discrimination has been around since mankind was born, I believe it should be stopped or settled. Discrimination has caused chaos that isn't needed all around the world. We all have a different race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I understand that people stand up for what they believe in, and that is good. But, instead of criticizing and creating commotions we should try and stop judging each other.

We see discrimination all around us at school, work, the newspaper, TV, online, basically anywhere and everywhere we go around the world. In some cases, discrimination is illegal. It is illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of a particular characteristic, only if that characteristic is listed in a federal, state, or local law prohibiting discrimination. Federal laws have their additional types of discrimination that are prohibited. Each of their laws are slightly different between whom it protects, which is very unfair.

The article entitled What are the issues caused by discrimination? explains how most minor instances of discrimination result from natural human instincts to feel more comfortable around other people with similar traits. Discrimination can also result from ingrained beliefs in society. For example, people with certain traits are seen as inferior, in some ways. This means people tend to prefer to be surrounded by people with similar interest, culture ,etc. That is no reason to mistreat others because of one having no similar interests like another. It is important for people to understand that in this world, it is hard to accommodate to an extent on what we want. There will always be differences between everyone, because we’re all unique in our own way.

Because of various types of discrimination, things have gone to an extent where it has created a humongous social problem. In the essay The Effects of Discrimination in Society, it states that discrimination produces immense effects in the psychological, social, political, and economic domains. So not only does it affect us in our social communication status, but in many social levels. Discrimination has caused us to judge each other in disgusting ways. In the article Discrimination: Then and Now, Our Image in Today's Society, explains, "It is rather depressing, however, that the definition, in society’s view, of “own unique way” is individualism within conformity. It is sad that in our diverse and tolerant culture, we are intolerant still of any deviation of the norm." It is horrible that people who pride themselves on being intelligent, modern individuals still stereotype and discriminate against people because of their race, color, creed, appearance and views. This article shows a clear explanation of our society due to discrimination. There are many minority groups such as, white pride, black pride,etc. who advocate the power of their presence. They tend to support and recommend what they think about their race. It is obvious to see how mainstream consumerism has changed one discrimination for another.

It has always been a wonder if there will ever be an end or a solution to the problem of discrimination. Will there? Possibly, not an end all at once, but the end of discrimination can start with you. You will be the face of America, and with that power, you can be a great role model to us all. Each of us can play an important role in ending discrimination. Discrimination hurts, whether it's subtle or overt, people are in pain. We all need to unite as a nation and accept each other to make this change. We are all the same.


Sarahy J.

Yreka High School

English IV

12th grade students at Yreka High School.

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