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The Problem in Plain Sight

Homelessness is becoming a very crucial issue since winter is coming up. How is this issue tackled? What can a person do to help in this situation? How does a person become homeless? Find out now by reading this letter.

Dear Future President,

As that time of year is coming again, where friends and families stay in their homes to seek warmth and comfort from the cold weather, there are few who are not as fortunate to have a nice home and sufficient food to eat everyday. This issue falls into the category of poverty, this is known as homelessness. During the winter, many homeless people freeze because of the lack of homeless shelters and volunteers in the U.S.

One of the biggest contributing factors of homeless people getting left out in the cold is the lack of homeless shelters. According to a CNN iReport, there was a financial crisis that happened in 2008 where 1.5 million Americans couldn’t afford to live in their homes any more due to an increase in housing price. A result, in 2008, over 700,000 people were unable to find a place to stay, and remained homeless with each passing night. The shelters are either full or closed. This evidence proves that there are not enough homeless shelters to hold the many homeless coming in and out.

There is a shortage of people helping the homeless during the winter, causing them to freeze. According to CNN, some states such as New York and Hawaii have put aside money to find solutions to homelessness. There have been organizations trying to send food clothing and money for the homeless and yet it’s still not enough.

As a president, there are more important issues to consider about such as, gun control and education, but, there is still homelessness. There are many reasons for why people end up homeless. Some end up homeless because their being paid minimum wage or because they lost their jobs, others because of mental illness. There are many solutions to reduce homelessness such as, raising the minimum wage, increase government funding to build homeless shelters and affordable housing, better mental health care, and paying volunteers for their time in the shelter.

To the Future President, thanks for reading this letter and please consider these suggestions to decrease homelessness.


Audrey. T


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Zhebel - English 8

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