Casey C. California

Federal and State Prison systems

My letter is about the federal and state prison systems. It talks about the increase in Incarcerated inmates, and their crimes. Also it gives statistics on how many inmates there were compared to now.

Dear Future President,

We have so many problems in our economy and society. One I strongly believe needs to be addressed is our state and federal prison system. I believe we need to control the number of incarcerated inmates. Most people don’t see the rise in inmates each year. From 2010-2014 the number of inmates in federal prison for drug charges rose by 20,000, which is not including state and violent offenses.

See in 2014 there was nearly 1.2 million people in federal and state prison. Not only that but the U.S. was ranked the highest with over half a million inmates alone. Also in 2014 50.1% of people in Federal prison were in on drug charges, But in state prison 53.2% of inmates were in on violent offenses. Now tell me there isn't a problem there.

The cause of this issue is due to the United States expanding our prison systems, instead of eliminating the problem and making room for less dangerous criminals. Also this is caused because we got rid of DEATH ROW.

What can be done? A lot can be done. But will it? We need to bring back death row. We need to get rid of people who have raped,  murdered, run drugs, guns and/or money, or produced drugs. There are a few ways this can be dealt with. The first way is the court systems pushing to bring back death row. How does this affect the System? Well let's see the courts decide a person's fate by giving them their sentencing. They are the ones who decide if you're going to get 2 years or life. The second way is the president realizing we have a problem and pushing the government to fix it. The government is spending money we don't have to build new prisons. That should be a problem in itself and i just gave you a way to fix it.

This affects everyone in many ways. That girl who got raped is no longer going to live in fear that her rapist is going to come seek revenge. The kids who got killed in a school, their parents are going to feel the satisfaction that he/she won't strike again. The little boy who got shot his parents are going to live with the satisfaction that the killer got what he deserved.

Thank you for your time. I hope you take this information and realize that we do have a problem and you can fix it.


Casey C.

Yreka High School

English IV

12th grade students at Yreka High School.

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