Devin P. Georgia

Pollution By-Devin

Pollution is a serious worldwide problem!

Dear Future President,

I’d like to talk about a common worldwide problem. The problem is pollution, which can’t be prevented completely. There are two types of pollution. This includes pollution caused by humans; the second type of pollution is caused by natural events. Pollution is found everywhere in the world. For example pollution is found in oceans, on land, and in the air.

To begin with, pollution is not good for a human’s health. Substances such as carbon monoxide and mercury can affect your health. If the amount of pollution drops, the number of deaths could drop. For example the number of deaths might drop from two per 100,000 to one per 100,000. This might not seem like many deaths, but when you add up all the people in the world it’s a lot more.

Some pollution can be stopped by enforcing better regulations for industrial factories. For over 100 years people around the world have been trying to create new laws to help eliminate pollution. As a result of new regulations, environments would be more suitable for any living creature. These regulations could help factory owner’s get ready for when fossil fuels run out.

Ocean pollution is the process which harmful substances such as particles of dirt, plastic, and other materials are dumped into an ocean. Most ocean pollution is caused by human activities. Ocean pollution tends to degrade the quality seawater. This leads to an unfit environment for marine organisms. Ocean pollution does not only effect marine organism, it also effects humans and there activities such as commercial and recreational fishing, aquaculture, and a bunch of water sports.

Eliminating some pollution is important for the world. It affects all living organisms. Also soon people will have to find new ways to produce energy. For example, solar power and water mills would be great ways to produce energy. Getting rid of pollution will create a better life for all living organisms.

Sincerely, Devin P