Heather R. California

Gun Control

Gun Control should not be taken away from citizens. This letter explains why I think guns are a form of our security, protection and self-defense. They are used for recreational and protection and taking those away will cause destruction into our country.

Dear Mr/Mrs President

Hello, my name is Heather and I come from from a small-town in this big country. In my small-town, I am a junior in high school and a member of the FFA. In my rural community, sport shootings and hunting are a part of life. My dad started teaching me about guns when I was six. He taught me to safely respect guns and what they are capable of doing. The first time my dad helped me kill a duck made me feel proud. My community as a whole uses guns for hunting, recreation, and protection. I believe guns are an important part of our society.

What is the Second Amendment of our Constitution? It is the right to keep and bear arms. It allows us to have guns that provide protection, security and self- defense. There once was a literary figure, John Dryden, that stated “Self-defense is nature's eldest law.” Self-defense is important because it gives you the security of knowing you and your loved ones are safe. Being able to purchase, obtain and possess guns is a key component to be able to defend yourself. That is what the second Amendment is about.

Many people are in discomposure that government wants to take guns away. “There's a fundamental fear that if the government can take your guns then they’ll take everything else as well.”(Hall) The shootings are causing the government and society to question our right to bear arms. What do you think? Are the shootings responsible for the killings or is it the person behind the gun? It is the people who are responsible. Regardless if the laws get stricter the shootings will still happen. The government should not take away our guns because of the actions of individuals. If the people of our country are disarmed they become vulnerable. Adolf Hitler once said, “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” It not only leave the country vulnerable it changes the rural way of life.

Gun Control is an enormous topic in America because it is serious, a matter of life or death. There is evidence that show stricter gun laws do reduce the amount of gun crimes. No one is comfortable about the senseless killings happening in our country today. Shootings have happened at schools, stores, and churches. Law enforcement officers have killed and been killed by guns. Death is sad but when it comes down to me getting shot or shooting I want to have a gun.

In the big country there is a lot of problems. In my small-town without guns is a big problem. We as in our community use our guns to protect our livestock, our land, and ourselves. We use it to provide food and for enjoyment. Taking our guns away would devastate our way of life. Guns can cause destruction, but when used properly they can provide protection, security, and a means of self-defense which is important for our society.


Heather G.