Jenna F. California

Women in Combat

Allowing women into combat is something we need to achieve to get closer to equality between the genders.

Dear Future President,

My name is Jenna and I want to formally congratulate you on your election. I am seventeen years old and have lived in California my whole life. I am looking forward to having you represent me and my country as you make the final decisions for everyone in the United States. One issue I would like to address is allowing women in combat. Equality is something this country is wanting and I believe allowing women to do this is a good start. As you know, there are many pros and cons on the issue, but I personally believe allowing women the option will greatly impact the military for the better.

The battle of allowing women into combat has been going on for centuries.“For most of human history, people serving in combat were overwhelmingly male. In a few cases however, individual women have been recorded as serving in combat roles disguised as men", an article from Wikipedia explains. In World War 2 thousands of German women served in combat roles in anti-aircraft units. They were widely accepted because they were not a risk of capture. Later on the Department of Defense officially banned women from serving in combat in 1994, but as time went on Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta removed the military's ban on women serving in combat in January 24, 2013 and in November 21, 2013, the first three women to ever complete the United States Marine Corps’ Infantry Training Battalion course graduated from the United States Marine Corps School of Infantry in Camp Geiger, North Carolina. However, these three females were not allowed to serve in infantry units until further studies can demonstrate they are physically capable of doing so.

Throughout history changes in society have caused an uproar of negativity in the community as people are afraid of the unknown. As time goes on and as society gets used to the change positivity arises and proves to be a good thing. However, the negatives are still apparent and are still apart of each argument. An article titled “Sisters In Arms” from the Women in Combat website explains "Women serving in integrated units will suffer higher injury rates as a result of this" and"misogynistic societies may be more willing to abuse women prisoners." In some situations people are worried men may act foolishly to protect women in their combat units. Harassment and resentment of the presence of women in a hyper masculine military subculture would likely become a problem.But I believe over time women can be viewed and treated the same in the military, as other officers in their unit.

People who are against women in combat firmly believe there is a risk, an unnecessary distraction at hand allowing women into the battle field, while supporters believe women can provide a vital role and can aid the same way men can."In many circumstances, the need for women involvement is necessary. This is true for sensitive jobs that require personal skills that many male soldiers lack." Having a wider personnel base allows militaries to have the best and most diplomatic soldiers working to end conflict quickly. Keeping the military equipped with both genders insures that our military is strong and ready for anything.

We have came a long way with equality between the genders in the United States and I believe we should add allowing women play combat positions in the military. Gender has nothing to do with the love of our country and desire to render selfless serve. Changes in society can be rather difficult and scary but over time women serving in the military can become a great thing and help better our armed forces and country. I am asking for your help to be an advocate for women's equality and to do what is in the best interest for your and my country.


Jenna F., Student 

Yreka High School

English IV

12th grade students at Yreka High School.

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