Janell G. California

My 15 Year Old Vote Counts

I'm a 15 year old and i haven't payed enough attention to the election. I don't have to vote so i shouldn't worry about that but this is my country and I don't want it to go to ruin. I explain how most of us teenagers don't care about the president and need help to care by asking our opinion about the election. We are young , true , but also true we are the future of this country and we want a part in it too.

Dear Future President ,

I hope it isn't Donald Trump but if it is oh well. I have seen lately everyone worrying about who the next president is going to be I never really had much interest in who the next president could be. But now as election is coming up I began to think Hilary or Trump? From the first sentence you know who I 'd vote for if I were 21 but I'm not and i can''t vote. I'm 15 years old and really don't care about my country. I should shouldn't I, I was born here have all the rights anyone could possibly want but I don't see much of it. 

My sister just came into the California about 2 weeks ago from Guatemala. My dad, as a citizen, filed for her to come in legally to this country and succeeded. Shes now here living as an official resident. The other day as my dad filled out the voting ballot I leaned near him and read the state measures and all of what was to be voted for. There were so many. I only thought it was choose : Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. I was wrong I saw there were senators, vice presidents, judges, and state measures. As I read through the pamphlet their proposals were important they had to do with me as in my school districts and my community / neighborhood. I read more and in my mind I chose who or what I would vote for if i could. 

The night of the debate I was in my room watching Netflix when my sister came in. She was ranting on and on of how i should be watching the debate I was born here and i have privileges but i don't care. I told her to get out and leave me alone I told her she was right I didn't care. And now I ask myself and you future president why should I care who the next president is . Its not like my decision matters. The thing is it does matter , my vote matters. 

I want to convince you to give us a chance to vote yes we are teenagers who are still in need of adults to help us through our journey. I don't ask much just a chance to show you I care. I want school districts to pass around voting ballots and booklets for us who are in high school to show who we would choose for president. Of course they wont count because like i said we still need adults because we cant handle everything and every decision on our own. But I would like near the election month for you to to choose random schools and see who they voted for just for curiosity and if you see our vote maybe you'll get inspired on who you are going to vote for. 

Thank you for listening , I don't know if you'll actually take this in mind but thank you anyway.

Sincerely , 

Keyla Janell Garcia

John Henry Francis Polytechnic High School

Honors English 10 A / Period 2

Sophomore English class in the magnet program of John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Sun Valley, California.

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