Yunker Illinois

Letters to the Presidential Candidates

People need to realize that people will love who they love, and that they can't interfere with that.

September 21st, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidates,

I feel as if many people are judged because of their sexuality, and I know it is wrong

to do that. If someone finds another person they love, even if they are the same gender, there

shouldn’t be any problem with that. If they are truly devoted to spending their entire life

with that person, no one should ever have the right to stop them from doing so.

Everyone needs to realize that people have different preferences on who they like.

Say, a woman may be more interested in women than men. That’s simply the way they feel,

and you can’t change that just by saying something about it, such as: “You cannot marry

another woman, you need a man.” No one can just tell someone who they need. You don’t

know what’s going on in their lives and who they really need. Maybe that woman needs

someone who is understanding of them to help them through troubled times, not someone

who can help her bear a child.

It’s hard to find the person you belong with, your soulmate or destined partner, and if

someone does discover that person, no matter what gender they are, why would you want to

stop them from being happy? It would be amiss to prevent women from seeing women or

men from seeing men. No one has a right to interfere with a person’s life as long as that

person is happy. You cannot force your opinion onto someone with a different opinion.

I am not saying that my opinion is “right” or “the truth”, but I do know that no one

deserves to be hated because of their sexual preference. It is unfair and unjust that people are

even allowed to be treated like that. I strongly believe that if someone loves someone for

who they are and not their looks or popularity, then they deserve to be happy with that

person if that is what they desire.


Shimin Yunker

Bernotas Middle School

Strebel's Kids

Block Two

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