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child abuse

I wrote about child abuse and how people should pay attention to it more and how the president should prevent it from happening.

Sexual And Physical Child Abuse

Dear next president,

Sexual abuse? Physical abuse? To a child, to an innocent, sweet, unharmful child that just wants to be loved like a yorkie without a home. Children should not have to go through a such thing even called sexual and physical abuse, because a parent that tells them” I love you” will actually not harm or hurt someone they love. Most of the time 93% of the victims under the age of 18 know the abuser. When a child feels uncomfortable about themselves that means they have something going on in their life that is really bothering them and scared to talk about it, because they feel like no one would listen and believe them if they tried to tell them. Children 1 and 6 sexual abuse is the result of abusive behavior that will take advantage vulnerably without no related sexual attraction with the person. The sources say that you can tell if the child is going through physical and sexual abuse like difficult walking or sitting down, pain and itching in vaginal area, and urinary yeast infection. Behavior has a huge problem as being a child after being abused in a kind of way that makes them difficult to focus like dropping grades, changes in hygiene, nightmares or bedwetting etc. it’s more problems a child can go through after being through a serious situation such as physical and sexual abuse.

I believe most of the sexual abuse to child is done by a mother’s boyfriend, because some mother’s never ask or question their daughter and put all the blame on the child for sleeping with the boyfriend when they don’t never pay attention to how the man looks or prey on their son or daughter. Women can be a sexual or physical child abuse perpretrators too but most of the time it’s the men that prey on the children. My sources say that 26% of the children that were sexual abused were 12-14 years olds and 34% were 9 year olds. Children wants more justice from the people around the world and actually feel like someone care.

Please be more supportive in children and what they go through,because nowadays its hard to get people to understand what another person goes through and I wish people would just stop thinking so much about theirselves and focus on what’s important in life. I want children to be able to go to a trusted adult and tell them what’s going on so they can help them with their problem. Don’t be scared to tell an adult, friend , coach, teacher, counselor to stop the abuse from goong on around you or towards you, because it can come to justice and come to a stop.

“Every child is innocent save them from the fear,that is a responsibility for you too” STOP CHILD ABUSE!!!!

Yours truly My’Kayla 

Carman-Ainsworth High School

Carman-Ainsworth High School

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