Brady H. Kentucky

Issues of Modern Day America

Some issues like police brutality, terrorism, etc. can really be a bigger issue if our president doesn't fix them.

Dear Mister/Madam President,

There are many problems in the world and even in our country. Most of these problems can be solved by the president. With this in mind I'm going to ask you to try to solve these problems, I'll give you my insight on the certain problem too. If some of these problems keep going on they can really be a spark turning into a blaze. So Mr. or Madam President please help the American people and the future of our country.

Police brutality is a problem in the country and often times an instance where police use force it can cause racial divide. There's been some police men who overuse their force and if it’s ever on someone with a different ethnicity it’s seen as racism. So what I'm asking is for you to stop the overuse of police using force but don't get rid of it because they need force so that a criminal can be stopped. It’s as if a police officer doesn't use force they'll most likely not catch a criminal but if they do they're on the news for being racist, so I'd like you to speak to the public and remind them if a police officer uses force they're not racist and don't allow an officer to use force on a petty crime so just get our law officers out of this pickle they're stuck in.

The LGBT community is not something we’ve had lots of experience in so if we don’t learn how to deal with the topic it could get out of hand. I think we need to let everyone from the LGBT community know that they can be whatever they want but when it comes down to there being a girl or boy anything they need to go by their biological gender. What would you do if your daughter went into a girls’ restroom and someone who looks like a man goes in to the bathroom after her, you’d probably get concerned and go and confront him if he says well I’m actually gay that wouldn’t change the fact that you don’t want a man in the same bathroom as your daughter. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to say I’m trying to say that people can get mad at each other and possibly start a fight if a situation like I said happens on a greater scale. So just set the record straight and decide that you need to stay by your biological gender at times.

In my opinion I think modern day feminism is corrupt and has caused more problems than solved. Recently feminism has been more about anti men than equal rights and I being male strongly disagree with it. At York University for the International Men Day people organized an event to discuss male problems like the suicide rate and others but it was canceled due to students protesting say it’s misogynistic and would bring inequalities. I just am really annoyed that there’s tons of women events like the one that would’ve happened at York University for men, it’s as if bringing men down is somehow promoting equal rights. I’d like to see you address these radical feminist and let them understand that bringing another gender down doesn’t make people equal and happy it just causes sexual divide and controversy.

The last issue I’m going to ask you to help is terrorism. In the Middle East there are many terrorist organizations that hate our American guts. I think if no one ends this there could be some problems in our country. The last thing anyone wants is another 9/11 like thing to happen. Plus there is a fear factor, knowing there’s gunned people chanting death to America can really spook somebody. I’m asking you to end these organizations’ reign however that might be and restore a since of tranquility without the nation.

I know this is a lot to ask for but I’d really appreciate if the president would fix these problems and save the future of America.