Eric A. California

Police Brutality is Killing America

Police Brutality is a problem and no one is trying to stop it

Dear Future President,

I am an Eighth Grader who cares for his country and wants to make a positive impact on the world. People don’t trust our current law enforcement, so what are YOU going to do about it? Why are we going to have a law enforcement to protect us if we don’t trust them? I want a positive friendly environment where people trust the police to look forward to when I reach my adult years.

Did you know According to “only ⅓ out of all the police agencies look for college graduates. The ⅓ look at both 60 hours, they also look for people that go to college for 2 to 4 years.” This means that other ⅔ of police agencies have police officers with ONLY a High School Diploma!!!! This is one of the many reasons why people don’t trust our law enforcement because more than half of police officers only graduated High School.

This is unbelieveable we are in the 21st century and racial profiling is still going on . By Who ? You may ask. By the people who protect our Country. These “Heroes” Are killing and discriminating us. Did You Know 6 Latinos Killed by US Cops this week” by

TeleSur television network. 14 of each 23 persons killed were Latino!. They wrote “14 of the 23 people killed by police last year were Latino!!!

I have many Ideas and solutions for this Problem. One solution is for law enforcement to require a mandatory High School and College degree . This would make people feel more safe since people actually took classes to become someone in the Law Enforcement . My other Idea is for everyone in training to become a position in the law enforcement should get the same amount of training, for example, Just as lawyers do. They get twelve years of the best teaching and what do police officers get, 2 or 4 four years top. Why is this even happening?!?!?!? Why Would someone who is trying to save lives and carries a weapon get less training than someone in a suit and carries a suitcase? They need more training to do their job.

If this problem doesn’t get taken care of, then more people WILL die and it will be your fault. Think about it, do you really want that feeling of guilt because of your irresponsibility? I wouldn’t and If I were you I would fix this this problem immediately but who am to judge right? I will be watching to see if you really fix this problem future president.


Eric A.

8th grade San Diego 

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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