Veronica Washington

Police Brutality.

In this day in age police brutality shouldn't be a problem but with social media shinning a light on how bad things are is making things complicated.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

Police brutality shouldn’t be a thing at this point in time. The people who are supposed to protect us are making it seem like we shouldn’t trust them. The fact that some people haven’t noticed how bad things are is terrifying. People are only starting to realize how things are is because of social media. And the number of shooting that have happened between 2007 and 2014 is horrifying. And with people thinking that white officers are racist make things harder on the justice system to save their reputation. So as I said earlier police brutality shouldn’t be a thing at this point in time.

It’s time to stop police brutality. It’s been going on for far too long and people haven’t started to realize how bad it is until now. In the article, “The Real Whistle-Blower In Police Brutality” by Aaron Paxton Arnold, he says,”So I thank you Facebook, I thank you Twitter, I thank you Instagram and all other social media platforms that have shined the light on police brutality.”(Arnold). So by having social media finally showing how bad things are to the public it makes us realize what’s happening in our country.

In another article called “The Horrifying Pervasiveness of Police Brutality” by Emily L. Hauser, she talks about all the shooting that have happened in the pasted and the present. For example she says, “Between 2007 and 2014, Philadelphia police shot 394 people; of these, 59 died — leading to what the DOJ called an "undercurrent of significant strife" between the department and the people it's meant to serve.” (Hauser). Having said that it shows us how many shooting that have happened because of police pulling the trigger to soon.

An article called “One Troubling Statistic Shows Just How Racist America's Police Brutality Problem Is” by Tom McKay, he says, “Those are the findings of a USA Today analysis of seven years of FBI data, which claims around a quarter of the 400 annual deaths reported to federal authorities by local police departments were white-on-black shootings. What's more, the analysis indicates that 18% of the black suspects were under the age of 21 when killed by the police, as opposed to just 8.7% of white suspects.”(McKay). He’s basically saying that he thinks a large percentage of white police are racist but, in reality not all white police are racist. That’s just a stereotype that people have for police. By having that stereotype it makes it hard for people to trust the justice system.

So in conclusion, police brutality at this point in time shouldn’t even be a problem. And having almost every large social media pointing how bad things are is making the public not want to trust the justice system. Which is making things go downhill for the relationship between the public and the justice system.

From, Veronica

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