Kiara Paul Florida

Just Another #Hashtag

When does the hashtag stop and the actual movement begin?

Dear Future President,

  I'm pretty aware that black lives mattering is now in trend. How come though? In my eyes and probably in yours as well, all lives should matter. I feel as if the significance of lives should not be based off a hashtag.  Police are getting away with the murders of surrendering black men and this has to stop.

  Nowadays we the people are afraid of our own protection. We feel as if we can't even get a simple traffic ticket without losing our lives. So what do we do? Well Trump, if future president wants everyone to be licensed and have a gun. Honestly I think that it is unsafe because when you really think about it, someone may not have a criminal record from their past but what about the future?

  To make the community whole again, we need to find a way to make both police and black lives safe. At the end of day, policemen are the ones that protect us. How are they going to do that when they themselves are afraid of us. Rioting isn't going to keep calm the fact that people are being killed. Instead, more are killed.

  After all, i believe that someone that is highly credible and know should nationally speak of this subject because it seems to fade in and out of topic which distracts us from the real problem; there is no LOVE and COMPASSION in this world and if there is, it is very little. And this generation is chosen to bring that. Love = Peace.

Yours Truly,

Kiara Paul.

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