Aliyah Michigan

Gun Control

Gun control is a huge problem in the US, but we shouldn't be penalized for protecting our kids.

Dear Next President,

Concealed weapons are ending up in the hands of criminals and killers, and criminals are killing innocent people. Carrying a concealed weapon could stop a public shooting spree. In 1999 there was a massacre in Columbine High School. After that massacre, the 2003 Carry Act was passed. This law helped the Megachurch when a volunteer with a concealed weapon shot the attacker down and saved lives that day.

I think that we should keep tabs on who's buying guns and check their background. Violent criminals will always have guns.

I think that having concealed weapons will save many lives and help in bad situations, because says that “concealed law reduced murders by 5%, rapes by 5%, and intruders by 8.5%” They help in every situation; there would also been less aggravated assaults. In 1997 if carry laws in every state were legal, according to,  there would have been less criminal shooting in 2016 than any other year.

In conclusion, I think we should always have guns but I think we should not be penalized for trying to protect ourselves. They should be penalized, not us. We have the right to a gun unless there's a felony on our criminal records

Sincerely , 


Evart Middle School

8th grade 


Evart Middle School

1st Block

8th Grade LA

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